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Personal relations and research interest

Keith Attenborough Co-worker (physical acoustics and outdoor sound propagation)
Thierry Aubin Doctoral committee (information transfer in constraining environments, social behavior and acoustic communication, sexual selection by acoustic communication, neuroethology of bird song, sound analysis and synthesis methods, and applied bioacoustics)
Beth Brittan-Powell Co-worker (hearing and ABR studies on birds and other vertebrates).
Jacob Christensen-Dalsgaard Doctoral committee (hearing and sound communication in frogs with studies of the associated behavior, biophysics and neurophysiology).
Torben Dabelsteen External examiner at my B.Sc. and M.Sc. (dynamic aspects of bird signaling and the influence of environmental factors.
Robert J. Dooling Doctoral committee, research visit, co-worker (comparative and evolutionary biology of hearing and auditory perception; the learning, production, and perception of bird vocalizations; the return of hearing following hair cell regeneration, and the effects of noise on hearing).
Neville H. Fletcher Co-worker (physical acoustics with recent focus on musical instruments and acoustics in biology)

Franz Goller

Co-worker (physical mechanisms of avian sound generation, motor integration of song production, auditory feedback in song learning, metabolic cost of singing).

Ole Naesbye Larsen My "Doctor Vater" and co-worker (acoustic communication between terrestrial animals with special emphasis on physical and acoustic aspects).

Simon Boel Pedersen

Co-worker and DSP counseling (signal analysis and signal processing of analog and digital signals).

Tobias Riede Co-worker (sound propagation and Elk communikation).
Roderick A. Suthers Principal Investigator in previous lab (research on the physiology of song production in songbirds and parrots). Now co-worker.
Shahram Taherzadeh Co-worker (physical acoustics and outdoor sound propagation)


Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Indiana University

University of Southern Denmark


Personal funding:

The Oticon Foundation

(Danish hearing aid manufacturer)

Acoustic Effect of Hollow Skull Structure for the Directional Hearing of Birds

The Carlsberg Foundation

Sound Production in Birds

Organizations financing positions through other person's or institution's grant:
National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Post doctorial research fellow

Danish National Research Foundation

Ph.D. program