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Kenneth Kragh Jensen, PhD.


In broad terms my research interests cover neuroscience, behavioral neurobiology, sensory biology, biophysics, and physical acoustics. I'm interested in theoretical and modeling as well as experimental approaches.


My main focus is on acoustic communication. I have worked extensively with sound perception, sound propagation, and sound production in animal acoustic communication, mainly birds. Currently I work with speech perception in normal and hearing impaired humans at the Audiology and Speech Center at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. The work includes psychoacoustic testing of human subjects and computational modeling of speech intelligibility in noisy conditions.


I also have an interest in animal orientation and navigation and published a theoretical paper on a computational model on orientation cue integration which seeks to explain the very curious effect that animals have different orientation responses depending on the wavelength of light the experimental arena is illuminated with. The model and hypothesis presented in the paper is an alternative to the current hot topic of the radical pair hypothesis which proposes a quantum chemical compass currently with the cryptochromes as molecules of interest.


LinkedIn groups I manage and encourage you to join if you are interested in bioacoustics or animal orientaion and navigation:

Acoustics and the BrainProfessionals in BioacousticsAnimal Orientation and Navigation

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